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Triq il-Wied

The project of Qormi consists of an accessible walkaway over an existing storm water culvert with different forms of landscaping that can bring an improvement to the daily life of the neighbourhood.

The proposal has several features that are creatively unique such as the interplay between soft and hard landscaping. The project aims to link one side of the culvert to the other side by creating a green infrastructure with a strategic environmental use for the neighbourhood and make a social contribution.

One innovative feature of this project is the vertical garden that provides shade and colour the adjacent walkway. Furthermore, the bottom of the storm water culvert will offer a colourful dynamic that compliments the whole project.

The accessibility of the green walkway creates an urban recreational space, safe from cars and easily accessible for children and elderly people. The space has a series of areas suitable for different activities, some of which are exposed to the sun suitable for the colder months, and shaded for the warmer months.

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